A "red joke" I could never forget

There are many funny “red jokes” went around in China after the country was opened during 1980s. If I have to pick one for the best I have to go for this one, even though I am not crazy about sex joke. Below is my rewriting in English:

1984, Mrs. Thatcher visited China. People all understood about the importance of her meeting with the Chairman of China Deng Xiao Ping as a milestone in the history of relationship between 2 countries, but what people didn’t know about, was that the personal chemistry between 2 leaders – it also went wild.

In the same night of that meeting, Deng went straight to Hotel Wang Fu Jing where Mrs. Thatcher stayed. He asked the lady at the front desk about Thatcher room numbers and immediately rushed to the room.
Half hour later, the front desk lady saw Deng came out with some sort of excitement she never saw before. As Deng walked by, she held breath and overheard some words she could not understand for a moment:

(In Chinese with Deng’s heavy Sichuan accent!) ” Hallelujah! This time, Communism finally pressed Capitalism underneath!”

Soon after Deng disappeared, Mrs. Thatcher came out. With a pale face and upset expression, she whispered. Her words were also captured by the same lady who understood English just as well:

“What a f**k! Capitalism had not yet reached her climax but Communism already died!”


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