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Generality vs. Particularity

Posted on: July 17, 2011

United States, Colorado, United States Olympic...Image by iceman9294 via FlickrRecognizing generality from complexity of a group (people or nature phenomenons) is a result of acute observation, intuition and reasoning; however, applying such generality to every individual of group is an act of prejudice. The reason is simple: while each group of people (or natural matters) has their generality, each individual of group also has its own particularity which cannot be summarized by the generality of its group. Simply categorizing people into different groups (races, religions, sexes, sexual orientation, etc.) and treating each individual by generality of his/her group, seems to be one of major ignorances of human and the primary cause of segregation (separation?) among different groups of people.

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2 Responses to "Generality vs. Particularity"

This tendency to prejudice in a society is apparently one of those brutal, cruel methods nature uses to enforce the war of all against all.
It seems to be more than just major ignorance.
It seems nature has rigidly enforced it up until the present when its influence seems to be weakening. Perhaps nature is learning from its humans. My best.

“It seems nature has rigidly enforced it up until the present when its influence seems to be weakening. “
It seems to be true, even though many people believe we have not changed since stone age. A light of hope.

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