Peace and War – My Brief Thought Over Gaddafi’s Death

Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, Febr...

You need two willing parties for a war, but only one for a genocide.
by ranfuchs

I think this is a spot on insight. I also like to add: You also need two willing parties for a peace.

I believe humans situation is very complicated that cannot be dealt with a single action, either kindness or meanness. Not all the violence is the same, not all the peace is the same. Some peace is not “peace” at all, like China’s today’s “prosperity”; and some violence is not that “violent” either, because it meant to be that way (as it happens).

I do not have sympathy to a monster like Gaddafi. I am sure he deserved much worse, such as a trial and die slowly in prison. But people had anger, the anger which takes a SAINT to get eased. And people are people, not saint, so they killed the bad guy. That’s all. Justice is done!

Yes, Libya may not evolve in democracy very soon with violence like this (but please let them worry about that tomorrow), but I am sure it will be democracy sooner than those countries who had no guts to kill their monstrous leaders (such as Mao) but had plenty of “guts” to violence each others, such as during Cultural Revolution (a different kind mob violence from what happen in Libya now, by my understanding).

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