Judgement, Who Is To Blame?

English: "A Venerable Orang-outang",...
English: “A Venerable Orang-outang”, a caricature of Charles Darwin as an ape published in The Hornet, a satirical magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though some ideas, concepts, scientific theories, or even facts are objective themselves, or neutral regarding judgement, i.e. the discovery of evolution, they could still encourage people’s prejudice. But, it is “people” to blame, not those ideas or scientists (or at least some scientists), because it is humans’ weakness that we are afraid of truth, it is humans’ illness that we misinterpret facts. So to forbid some people (usually minority) from speaking truth (such as political correctness) just because of some other people (usually majority)’s misinterpretation, is in fact an act of favoring humans weakness and punishing those who are strong.


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