June, I Said Hello to the Sun

When the first wave of summer heat came in June, I set out alone
to greet the Sun
I wanted to see how faraway the horizon stretched
I wanted to know how tall maples and pines grew
I relished exuberant color of green
I rode on swift gusts of wind
The dandelion on the sidewalk – whom I secretly loved
nodded to me without knowing my ambition
Roaming clouds – whom I adored unreservedly,
joined my journey without knowing my destination
Oh June, I said hello to the Sun
with long lost passion
telling her that I was ready to write
another song of

Path Of Love

Book of love, was opened
by a gentle hand
page by page;
story of love, was told
by a tender voice
word by word –
texts drifted
voice whispered
chapters undulated
story lines intertwined
and when music quietly danced through,
they all scattered, like autumn leaves
along PATH
OF LOVE – woven by
and thorns