A sick culture mistakes happiness for selfishness, indifference for callousness; a shallow culture mistakes sternness for meanness, profoundness for depression.



It’s a weakness not to be able to face others suffering, an even weaker weakness to deny the existence of such suffering just because one is not able to face it.

Is Majority Always Innocent?

Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi, the founder of Hojjatie...

Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi, the founder of Hojjatieh Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People always separate “people” and “government”, majority and a few “extremists”, as if majority people are always innocent, and they are always victims of power classes. Truth is, any extreme religions, or any groups of religious fundamentalism, or any dictatorial systems, like those of in China, North Korea, LITERALLY can not exist without support of their majority of population. This is not to say that all those people are evils, but just that we cannot ignore a plain fact, which is how stupid we humans are, and how hopeless our situation is.

Is Suicide Selfish?

My Suicide

My Suicide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The logic reason that some people believe suicide is selfish is because they think survivors’ grief is greater than the dead (suicide) ones’ suffering. Truth is, if you never grieved enough to kill yourself, you never know how much those who took their own lives suffered, or how it feels like to suffer so much that life is no longer bearable

Is Suicide A Selfish Act?