“Mountain Has Its Height, …”

I found these wise words in a Chinese forum, just translated them into English:


Mountain has its height, water has its depth, there is no reason to compete;

Wind has its freedom, cloud

Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Heart Mountain, Alberta, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has its tenderness, there is no reason to imitate;

Search for whatever you think is joyful; dwell on whatever you think is worth; appreciate whatever you think is happy. There is nothing would not be judged, there is nothing would not be envied;

Be truthful to yourself, follow your heart, there will be no regret;

There is only one path in life: your own path;

There are two treasures of life: good health, loving heart; (Original text “young heart”)

There are three kinds of friends: those who lend money to you; those who attend your wedding; those who attend your funeral.

There are four adversities in life: can’t see through, can’t give it up, can’t lose, can’t put it down.

There are five maxims for life: persevere no matter how hard it is; take it light no matter how valuable it is; restrain your spending no matter how rich you are; be passionate no matter how cold you are.

There are six treasures in life: physical health; knowledge; dream; belief; confidence; courage.


Quotes From "Dexter"

“You used God, not another way around.”
“Light cannot exist without darkness. Each has its purpose. If there is the purpose to my darkness, maybe it is to bring some balance to the world. “
Dexter – “a father, a son, a serial killer”

Reason of Falsifiability – Quote from Liu Xiaobo

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The biggest mistake within all mistakes humans ever made is avoiding making mistakes; the most foolish foolishness within all foolishness of humans is believing in absolutes; the weakest weakness within all weaknesses of humans is establishing power. There is no omnipotent power, not God, not science, not Truth itself. This is the enlightenment that “Reason of falsifiability*” brought to human kind.

— Liu Xiaobo, Spirit of Reason

*”Reason of falsifiability” is my temporary translation which may not be entirely correct.

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