June, I Said Hello to the Sun

When the first wave of summer heat came in June, I set out alone

to greet the Sun

I wanted to see how faraway the horizon stretched

I wanted to know how tall maples and pines grew

I relished exuberant color of green

I rode on swift gusts of wind

The dandelion on the sidewalk – whom I secretly loved

nodded to me without knowing my ambition

Roaming clouds – whom I adored unreservedly,

joined my journey without knowing my destination

Oh June, I said hello to the Sun

with long lost passion

telling her that I was ready to write

another song of



Is Money Important?

Just because that money ALONE is not enough does NOT mean money is not important. As matter of fact, since humans invented money for the more complicated trading (than barter), making money has been the most important means for us to survive. So if we agree that survival is the most important thing for our life, money naturally becomes the most important thing in our life.

So people who say money is confused about the difference between sufficient condition and necessary condition.

(Sorry that I currently do not have any more mature thoughts to write. lol)


God said: let there be light.
but the Sun hesitated
it shone somewhere all the way through
created scenery with depth; somewhere
it only went half way, then stopped, illuminated
partial space, thus the bird-like
creatures – the kind that are sensitive to light,
were forever confused
about weather to fly up high
or to remain on a flat, yet
not so solid