It’s a weakness not to be able to face others suffering, an even weaker weakness to deny the existence of such suffering just because one is not able to face it.




Happiness (Photo credit: -Reji)

Is a person who cares “too much” about others’ suffering an unhappy person? I am often said to be an unhappy one because I seem to be emotional to something that has nothing to do with my life. So I have this thought:

Happiness derived from ignoring others suffering is false happiness, because it is based on personal luck, so it can be transcient; happiness derived from passion or compassion is true happiness because it embraces all life brought to us: joy or sorrow, so it lasts as long as we live.

Is Suicide A Selfish Act?

English: Suicide Point, Kodaikanal
English: Suicide Point, Kodaikanal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often heard people say that suicide is a selfish act. I wonder why. I can only agree with this statement if the persons who committed suicide left their underage children behind, but in most other cases, I think it’s not.

A most often mentioned reason for why suicide can be selfish seems to be the fact that people who killed themselves made their loved ones to grief. In other words, they caused others’ pain. But, I would argue, that can we really compare our grief (of losing loved ones) to the suffering those persons who killed themselves suffered? It would be arbitrary to say no, but if there were a few comparisons, there must be very few. I think to shed some tears is not at all the same kind of suffering as those people who killed themselves suffered. So, just because we “suffered” some grief, those who took their own lives became “selfish”, this logic, by my understand, is derived from nothing but a true (maybe unconscious) selfishness.

Suffering is one of greatest subjects (maybe simply the greatest) of human affair. We who never thought of killing ourselves can never know what it feels like for those suicidal people. We never think of killing ourselves, could be because we are stronger, weaker, or, our challenges are less serious. No matter what way, personally, I think we are just luckier than those who took their own lives.

I believe life, especially a conscious life (namely “human”) by default is not a subject of happiness. I believe life is a subject of both happiness and misery, depend on condition, and generally speaking, the latter is greater than former. For this reason, I believe we are all free do handle our own lives, suicide, endure, enjoy, or whatever else.

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